The Earth's Atmosphere Project

"The Earth's Atmosphere Project"

The Earth's Atmosphere Project was created by the love of capturing airglow in nightscape photographs. Airglow can be mistaken sometimes be mistaken as Aurora however they are very different. My goal is to capture images of the night sky with only my camera, lens and tripod in as much detail as possible showing just what the night sky looks like through the Earth's Atmosphere. When you look at my photographs I want you to feel like your looking through Earth's Atmosphere...
The Night sky is never really black when observing from Earth.

Airglow is caused by various process in the upper atmosphere of Earth, Airglow is a type of chemiluminescence that makes the atmosphere glow. Light is produced when atoms and molecules in the air absorb radiation and release photons. The most common colors of airglow are green and red however blue can also occur.

The night sky observed from Earth is never Dark, it's just dark to our eyes because we can't pick up airglow like our cameras can, however airglow can sometimes be seen under the darkest of skies mostly looking along the horizon as that's the thickest part of the atmosphere we are looking through.