NGC 292 - Small Magellanic Cloud

The Plan

Planning the mosaic in N.I.N.A astrophotography software I have chosen a 20% overlap which has given me a 9 panel mosaic, lets hope its large enough.

The Beginning

Small Magellanic Cloud is one of those Souther Hemisphere gems that I haven't really paid a lot of attention too, I've taken quick images of it however it didn't inspire me to explore more... up until now.
With the RASA twins now sporting twin QHY294MM cameras I'm hoping to achieve detailed image of the SMC... We will see if this all works out.


The First Panel

I was really suprised after combing my data to see all the little hidden gems and star clusters, I especially like the little galaxy that can be seen NGC 406. Among all this we also have the star clusters NGC 362 and 36


Currently waiting for clear skies