A Life Long Dream

I remember the first image I had take of the Orion Nebula and wow did it amaze me.... Then finding out the Red Horsehead Nebula was right next door to the great orion nebula and seeing all this images with the two nebulas in one shot inspired me to do that myself.

After capturing my first image of the two, I was inspired to push my boundaries however this changed when I started winning awards for my landscape and nightscape images, I had then found myself running astro workshops for Nikon School Australia and I had no time for my Deep Space imaging which is where my passion started, but like many things I got burnt out and as hard as it was leaving the Nikon team I wanted to get back into shooting deep space and starting my projects, this is where the RASA twins were born and forever evolving.

Now I share this journey with you all via my YouTube Channel, so please feel free to follow my journey or support my work :)

The Beginning

M42 Orion would be the beginning of this huge project that would take years to complete. Capturing Orion with the RASA twins using a ZWO294 Colour and Mono cameras, capturing short exposures with RGB and the mono capturing Ha to merge into a detailed first panel.... So it begins.


Panel 68

Panel 68 is the second video and capture in the pursuit of Project Orion, here we begin to see the first two panels starting to come together.


Panel 56

Panel 56 in the mosaic welcomes the famous Red Horsehead Nebula. Whenever I image this I'm always amazed and forever pushing my abilites in pushing for more and more detail.


The First Print Release

The first print release of project Orion was announced. A limited edtion run of 10 signed prints to help support my work in this huge project!

Limited Edition Print


Currently it is now 2022 and I'm waiting for December to come around to continue on with Project Orion. I'm looking forward to the addtional changes made to the twins where they have now been converted to twin QHY 294MM cameras.

Update 2023

Unfortunately this project has been put back due to the welcoming RASA 8 triplet configuration during the 2022/2023 Orion sesason. By the end of 2023 we should be back on track to continue the project.