M16 - Eagle Nebula

About The Image

Capturing the data on this night was extremely challenging. This was the first time imaging since the rebuild of the RASA 8 triplets.

I had alignment issues with all 3 astrographs, tilt problems so stars aren't perfect and power issues but I managed throughout the night to capture some data to put together the image you see.

More Hydrogen Alpha and Oxygen III data would be very welcomed.


Location: South Australia
Date: 07-08-2023
Astrograph: Celestron RASA 8
Mount: Sky-Watcher EQ-8 R Pro
Camera: QHY 294M, 47mp Mode, 2.315um
Gain: 0
Sky Quality Average : 19.10

Filters RGB: Baader CMOS Optimized
Filters Narrowband: Baader CMOS Optimized F/2 Ha 3.5nm and OIII 4nm
Filters Luminance: Astronomik L1 UV/IR

Guide Scope: William Optics Uniguide 50/200mm
Guide Camera: QHY 5 III 485

Computer System: PrimaLuceLab Eagle 4
Flat Frame Device: PrimaLuceLab Alto and Giotto
Dew Shield: My Own Design