Moon Processing

Moon Processing

There are so many ways you can go about processing photographs and this is why I don't sell tutorials, instead what I like to do is share my knowledge and hope that it assists with those who would like to see how I process my work.

Registax is a free piece of software and often used for planetary imaging, the whole idea of registax is to help you create a much cleaner and detailed image while trying to mitigate atmospheric turbulence. 

You may wonder why your images of the moon don't come out as sharp as others and one of those factors has to do with atmospheric turbulence... when we use long focal length lenses or telescopes we are magnifying that area of the sky, if we have a lot of atmospheric turbulence it would seem like your looking at the ground on a hot day and all that heat haze is rising which makes the landscape your looking at look a little less clear than normal.

Well by taking many images throughout the night at different times you have the chance at capturing moments of the moon when the atmosphere is a little more still which then results in a cleaner moon photo. 

Registax helps with this, you upload all your moon photos and then pick the best % of images to stack yielding in a much more detailed and cleaner moon photograph.

Enjoy the video below and see how I do it.... If you like the video please leave a comment of subscribe to my YouTube channel. 



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