Celestron Electronic Focus Motor

Celestron Electronic Focus Motor

The Celelstron electronic focus motor has changed the way I achieve focus on my Celestron RASA 8.

When you manually focus on in instrument like a RASA 8 it can be rather challenging, the faster the optics F/2 the more precise your focus needs to be. You can get very good focus by using the telescopes focus knob and doing it manually however I noticed a big difference since using the electronic focus motor.

Not having to wait for the telescope to settle, then look at your focus, then adjust and wait for it to settle again. With the electronic focuser you don't have to wait for the telescope to settle because your not touching it and the fact you can make extremely fine adjustments to focus is exactly what I've been looking for, no need for me to purchase and install a feather touch focuser to the RASA 8 anymore.


Telescope Compatibility

The Celestron Electronic Focus Motor is compatible with the following Celestron telescopes....

All 6" to 14" Celestron SCT and Edge HD telescopes produced since 2006 the focus motor will work with.

RASA 8" and RASA 34 cm it is compatible with, the RASA 11" can be used however you need to by the Celestron adaptor kit for it.

7" Maksutov-Cassegrain

Celestron 5" or SCT's made before 2006 the focus motor will not work with.


Installation and Thoughts

Where to Purchase

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david horrell

david horrell

i just purchased a meade star navigator 114mm ng . what are the compatible motorized focusers that will fit my telescope???? cant seem to get the answers from a dealer! thank you for all responces!

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